Robert Plant explained why he keeps 3 Quaaludes in a bottle at home

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Robert Plant explained in a new interview with Mojo Magazine why he keeps three Quaalude pills in a bottle in his home.

Mojo Magazine raised the recent deaths of musicians Tom Petty and Prince and the wider issue of substance abuse amongst musicians, and Plant replied “been there, done that.”

He then said, according to the magazine, that as a warning he keeps a small brown bottle at home that contains three Quaalude pills, a popular sedative amongst musicians in the seventies.

“The label on the bottle says, ‘Robert Plant – for sleepless-ness’ – it looks like an album cover,” Plant reportedly said. “Three Rorer 714s, from Schwartz pharmacy in LA, and I often think to myself, wow, there they are – poison!”

Later on in the feature, Plant joked about taking Ambien, another sedative, during his upcoming seventieth birthday. “So if ever there’s a day for opiates,” he said, “I might drop an Ambien and see what happens. If there’s a bustle in the hedgerow, it’ll be me, snoring!”

Plant called Led Zeppelin’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary a ‘hullabaloo’

And Plant was also asked about Led Zeppelin’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary. “It’s 50 years, but it’s not 50 years – it’s 38 years of darkness for a family [ie. John Bonham’s],” Plant said. “So all that hullabaloo is great, and I’m sure there’ll be some great things to come out of it.”

Plant then reportedly pondered upcoming Led Zeppelin archive releases, and joked “I really can’t wait to hear them – I might even get a free copy.”

Plant is reportedly planning to work with Patty Griffin again

Mojo also reported that Plant will record with Patty Griffin in Austin, Texas for her new album after his US tour finishes, presumably in July.

Plant and Griffin were previously in a relationship and lived together in Austin. Griffin joined his band in 2010, and they recorded and toured together. Plant recorded with Griffin for her solo album “American Kid,” which was released in 2013.

The full interview with Plant can be read in the June 2018 issue of Mojo Magazine.

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3 Comments on "Robert Plant explained why he keeps 3 Quaaludes in a bottle at home"

  1. KEN LONSINGER | 25th April 2018 at 3:40 am | Reply

    The infamous 714’s. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Do the quaalude shuffle!

  2. Hey Robert sometimes I think of going back to Zep days just to take one more. Then I think how am I still alive. You rock dude

  3. I still have a full bottle of Lemon 714’s! I haven’t taken one since 1982. It’s a similar thing for me. A reminder of the poison that I used to take for “fun”! There are so many different types of “fun”. It reminds me of the downside of taking drugs.

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