Jimmy Page said he’s ‘got three minutes’ to try to save his London home from neighbour Robbie Williams’ planned basement

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Jimmy Page has said in a new interview that “I have got three minutes” to explain to his local council the significance of his home.

Page spoke to The Sunday Times about his local council, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and its likely decision to approve his neighbour Robbie Williams’ planned basement construction in a meeting on May 29.

Page has argued against Williams’ basement plans since they were first proposed in 2015. Now, it looks likely that the local council will approve the plans and allow Williams to build his basement — something that Page claims will cause damage to his historic home.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Page explained that he plans to attend the meeting of the Planning Applications Committee on May 29. “I have got three minutes,” Page said. “I have to sum up the history of this house from the 1880s. The passion of Sir John Betjeman, Richard Harris and myself in three minutes. This is what we are facing. I may not even get to talk.”

Page invited The Sunday Times into his home to take photographs of him and review planning documents. He also gave the newspaper a tour of the property.

Elsewhere in the interview with The Sunday Times, Page said that he has considered opening his house to the public. “I did like the idea of the Burges interiors and maybe incorporating that with some memorabilia,” he said. “I thought about the National Trust. You can feel the house. It is such a special place.”

Page and Williams have a longrunning feud

The feud between Page and his neighbour has lasted since 2015 and has become a bizarre, longrunning saga involving allegations of spying, parody songs, street art, and a formal apology.

Page’s repeated objections over Williams’ plans lead Williams to insult Page repeatedly in interviews and on stage.


On September 25, 2016, Williams performed at The Roundhouse in London as part of the Apple Music Festival. During his performance, Williams mocked Page on stage. Led Zeppelin hit “Whole Lotta Love” started playing, and Williams reportedly said “this one is for my next door neighbour,” before repeatedly singing “I’m gonna dig a big hole … and fill it full of shit,” seemingly a reference to Williams’ abandoned plans for a basement extension.

And in November 2016, Williams accidentally insulted Page during an interview with an Italian radio station when he believed that they were off air. The hosts then cut to an advertising break and Williams, believing he was off air, talked about Page. But he didn’t realise was that the interview was being broadcast on Facebook Live, and everyone watching on the social network heard what Williams thought was off the record:

“Jimmy has been sitting in his car outside our house with the windows down, four hours at a time with a recording equipment,” Williams reportedly said.

The hosts commented that Page must have some high-end recording equipment. “Yeah, you would think,” Williams said. “He’s recording the workmen to see if they’re making too much noise. And also two weeks ago, the builders came in and he was asleep in his garden, waiting. Honestly, it’s like a mental illness. Like, concentration.”

The radio hosts then asked Williams who lived in the property before. “A director called Michael Winner. He did … Death Wish. He did the Death Wish films,” Williams said. “It’s really strange. At first it’s like, ‘Fuck, nooo!’ because it has taken so long – four years. But now it’s like, ‘What are you hiding? Is there something you’re hiding?’ So, so weird.”

After the interview ended, either Williams or the radio station realised what had happened. Both the Facebook Live broadcast and the online broadcast of the interview on the station’s website were deleted shortly after broadcast.

Those comments lead to Page involving his lawyers. Williams issued a public apology to Page and the pair reached a “confidential” settlement over Williams’ remarks.

Read our complete history of the feud between Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams here.

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  1. Lorraine Connelly | 28th May 2018 at 1:46 pm | Reply

    I wish people wouldd leave him alone. So he could enjoy his life. He is a brillant musician !!!

  2. Kevin murphy | 28th May 2018 at 11:50 pm | Reply

    Who is this Robbie Williams anyways never heard of him

  3. Carole Hirth | 9th June 2018 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    I don’t understand how the council can’t be on Jimmy Pages side a historic home should be left intact and undisturbed! Robbie Williams is he son of Robin Williams?

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