Led Zeppelin quietly released an album of interviews with the surviving band members

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Led Zeppelin has quietly released a new album of interview clips with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones.

On September 27, the band officially marked its fiftieth anniversary by digitally releasing its recent Record Store Day single and two new playlists.

However, what the band didn’t reveal in its press release was that new interviews with the surviving members had been made available to listen to online.

An album titled “50th Anniversary Interviews” was released on Spotify on September 27, the same day that the new playlists were published. The album features interview clips with Page, Plant, and Jones about the band.

Some clips are included in Spotify’s Led Zeppelin playlist “This Is Led Zeppelin,” but not in the band’s two new playlists.

Here’s the tracklist of the album:

  1. Jimmy Page On “Black Dog”
  2. Jimmy Page On “Black Dog” Pt. 2
  3. Jimmy Page On The Creation of “Rock & Roll”
  4. Jimmy Page On Led Zeppelin III Criticism
  5. Jimmy Page On Led Zeppelin IV Album Art
  6. Jimmy Page On Led Zeppelin vs. The Singles Market
  7. Jimmy Page On Led Zeppelin II
  8. Jimmy Page On Playing With John Bonham
  9. Jimmy Page On Producing Led Zeppelin II
  10. Jimmy Page On Working With Ian Stewart on “Rock & Roll”
  11. Jimmy Page On “Rock & Roll”
  12. Jimmy Page On “Stairway To Heaven” Lyrics
  13. Jimmy Page On “Stairway To Heaven” Musicality
  14. Jimmy Page On “Stairway To Heaven” Standing Ovation
  15. Jimmy Page On Forming The Band
  16. Jimmy Page On “The Rain Song”
  17. Jimmy Page On “The Song Remains The Same”
  18. John Paul Jones On Forming The Band
  19. John Paul Jones On Being A Member of Led Zeppelin
  20. John Paul Jones On Comparing Led Zeppelin to Other Bands
  21. John Paul Jones’ Philosophy on Recording Albums
  22. John Paul Jones On Recording Led Zeppelin II On The Road
  23. John Paul Jones On Writing “Black Dog”
  24. Robert Plant On The Band Members Early On
  25. Robert Plant On Fitting In With The Band
  26. Robert Plant On Foreseeing Led Zeppelin’s Future Early On
  27. Robert Plant On His Growth in Writing Lyrics
  28. Robert Plant On “Immigrant Song” & British History
  29. Robert Plant On The Influence of Blues Music
  30. Robert Plant On Led Zeppelin’s Early Days & Influence
  31. Robert Plant On “Communication Breakdown”
  32. Robert Plant On “Good Times Bad Times”
  33. Robert Plant On “Immigrant Song”
  34. Robert Plant On Writing Lyrics To The Music
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  1. Sadly, what the older fans get these days is a Whole Lotta Nuthin’ ! Thumbed through the new picture book at a brick&mortar store recently. Nothing all that new and unseen.

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