Jimmy Page said he’s been indexing his books during lockdown


Jimmy Page has spent lockdown indexing his books, he said in a new BBC radio interview.

Page spoke to Zoe Ball on July 22 to promote the release of “Scarlet,” a 1974 song he recorded with The Rolling Stones which will be released on their expanded edition of “Goats Head Soup.”

Ball asked Page what he’s been doing during lockdown. “I’ve been going through, I’ve been sorting out and indexing my books. I’m actually in the countryside,” Page said.

“There have been a lot of things that have come down here like boxes of records, boxes of books and I got a chance to really index everything and my records etc. And I’ve been playing some guitar as well. I’ve been putting the time to good use.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ball asked Page about the chances of Led Zeppelin reforming to go on tour again.

“It seems really unlikely that there would be a tour in the future,” Page said. “It doesn’t look as though there’s anything in the future, unfortunately.”

You can hear the full radio show here. The section about the release of “Scarlet” begins at 2:03:10.

Page also appears in a new video released by The Rolling Stones which explains the recording of “Scarlet” in 1974:

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7 Comments on "Jimmy Page said he’s been indexing his books during lockdown"

  1. Sean Andrew Heaney | 27th July 2020 at 4:00 pm | Reply

    Now Is A Great Time For Pagey To Do A Disc w/PJ Harvey, Especially w/Band Of Joy Up & Running.

  2. what a laugh I shouldhave thought he had plenty of time to do that considering hes done nothing for twenty years

    • Darrell Kastin | 27th July 2020 at 9:17 pm | Reply

      Really? Putting together the material for two books, putting out remixed boxed sets of each and every album is doing nothing? Maybe he’s not doing what you think he should be doing, but that is far cry from doing nothing.

  3. Keep the stuff coming, I am very interested!

  4. Love this, keep going Jimmy! Thank you!

  5. I know what he should have beem doing playing some shows and doing that new album which he promised that’s what fans were looking forward to wake up all did nt you know that

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