Is Jimmy Page preparing to release a ‘companion booklet’ for his new book?

Jimmy Page Anthology spine

Jimmy Page released his new book “Jimmy Page: The Anthology” earlier this year, but is a companion booklet for it coming soon?

Publisher Genesis Publications quietly published a new product page on its website in May titled “Jimmy Page: The Anthology | Companion Translation Booklet -“

For a while, the page was password-protected, but this week it was deleted from Genesis Publications’ website altogether.

Visiting the URL now shows the following message:

Genesis Publications Jimmy Page Anthology translation

It’s possible that the companion translation booklet was listed in error or that it may still be released.

Meanwhile, the mass market edition of “Jimmy Page: The Anthology” is scheduled to be released on October 8.

And on July 9, Genesis Publications announced that it will release signed photographic prints of Page’s guitars in October. The prints are being sold for £1,500 unframed and £1,600 framed.

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