Robert Plant has ‘seen a lot more of Jimmy Page lately’


Robert Plant said in a new interview that he has recently seen more of Jimmy Page and said that it felt “like we were the brotherhood again.”

Plant, Page and John Paul Jones spoke to Mojo Magazine for a cover story in its December 2021 edition that marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s unnamed fourth album.

“I’ve seen a lot more of Jimmy lately,” Plant said in the interview. “We recently saw a friend of ours who’s not doing so well, and it’s like we were the brotherhood again. I’m looking for more events like that.”

It’s possible that Plant and Page visited former Led Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole in hospital together. Plant was photographed visiting him earlier this year.

During the interview, Plant also discussed giving evidence alongside Page in Led Zeppelin’s 2016 copyright trial in the US over “Stairway To Heaven.”

“It was surreal,” Plant told Mojo Magazine. “Mobile TV crews, SWAT teams under the building. But at least it gave Jimmy and I the opportunity to talk.”

“I have never experienced, and probably never will, being in the presence of such a great, eloquent player,” Plant said of Page elsewhere in the interview when recalling the recording of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.

Despite the seemingly improved relationship between Plant and Page, neither Page nor Jones said they plan to listen to Plant’s upcoming second album with Alison Krauss.

“I’m a bit curious, but I won’t buy it,” Jones said. “I stream a lot of things but I don’t listen to rock’n’roll.”

“I don’t use the internet,” Page said, “so I haven’t got anything to listen on.”

Jimmy Page hinted at unreleased Led Zeppelin music

Elsewhere in the interview, Page was asked whether there are any unreleased outtakes from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.

“Maybe some of the Sunset Sound mixes,” he said, before adding with a laugh. “I may put something in my will to say they can come out on the album’s 100th anniversary.”

Page reportedly spent part of lockdown converting analogue tapes to digital music files. “Some of it goes back a long way,” he said.

And as for the long-promised next Page solo album, Page was less certain than in previous years on plans for more solo music. “Let’s put it this way, as long as I’ve got a pulse there’s still a chance of another Jimmy Page solo album.”

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12 Comments on "Robert Plant has ‘seen a lot more of Jimmy Page lately’"

  1. That’s encouraging. Best band ever

  2. Just the thought of Jimmy, Robert and JPJ in the same room brings a smile to my face!

  3. What a gift those 4 men are to us. 50 years later, STILL amazing to listen to. My 5 year old grandson hums Imigrant Song perfectly! Even different sections of it! He does it while he’s creating his latest invention.
    Thank you for sharing this update with us.
    From Texas

  4. I Love when Jimmy Page makes the duck face!

  5. Jimmy says he doesn’t use internet but he has a Instagram account that I follow him on ??

  6. Greatest band of all time!!! Will never be surpassed! Wonderful human beings as well!!

  7. When/where can we see the new documentary?

  8. I saw them 4 times, wished I had seen them more.
    70’s concerts were so many and prices were within reach and no masks or proof of poison in your blood stream.
    Zep was my top band to see “LIVE” ever.
    Fabulous work and praise to Page, Plant, Jones and Bonzo.
    I bought a Amber Vistalite kit and continue to use Ludwig into MMXXII with a nod to Starr and Bonham.
    Times like those which we lived and experienced can never be relived or recreated, only felt deep within our soul and remembered for eternity.
    Thanks Zep!!!

  9. Can’t expect Jimmy to tour again, but a solo album would be awesome, based on what he has talked about, and the brief Embryo #1 he more than likely has some awesome material, that he maybe deems as “not good enough”

  10. I will be turning 70 soon, still play my led zep all the time. Still can’t get enough.

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