Robert Plant will tour the UK in December with Saving Grace

Robert Plant performing with Saving Grace on July 24

Robert Plant will tour the UK in December with Saving Grace, according to venues that have booked the band.

So far, eight Saving Grace shows have been announced for December but none have been confirmed on Plant’s official website.

“Look out for Saving Grace dates in December,” band member Suzi Dian posted on Facebook on October 25.

Here are the Saving Grace December tour dates we have spotted so far:

Have we missed any dates? Please get in touch to let us know!

Plant seemingly has big plans for Saving Grace, and his continued live performances with the band suggest that he plans to return to playing with them after touring with Alison Krauss in 2022 following the release of their second album in November.

Plant played a recent surprise show with Saving Grace on October 16 when they were announced at the last minute as the closing act of the Bewdley Festival in the UK.

LedZepNews reported in August that Plant has made the rare decision to trademark the band’s name for music and merchandise, a signal that he has big plans for the group.

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  1. We get it Robert, never stop what you love to do….fans number one fully support that!!

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