Robert Plant: ‘I’m no longer a sailor, now I’m a captain’

Robert Plant
Robert Plant on The One Show

Robert Plant has signalled his unwillingness to reform Led Zeppelin, telling Spain’s El País newspaper that “I’m no longer a sailor, now I’m a captain,” when asked whether he’s still ruling out returning to the band.

Plant and Alison Krauss were interviewed by the newspaper about their new album, “Raise The Roof”. In the interview, which was published on January 15 in Spanish and behind a paywall, Plant was asked whether he’s still holding out on reforming Led Zeppelin, despite rumours of large amounts of money being offered for reunion tours.

“‘I’m no longer a sailor, now I’m a captain!’ Plant bellows with a pirate laugh,” the newspaper reported [translated from Spanish via Google Translate], “and in good Spanish, as if to make it very clear.”

Clearly, Plant values being in control of his own solo career instead of following the direction set by Led Zeppelin as a group.

Elsewhere in the interview, Plant warned that the music industry in the UK is like a “horror story.”

“All this music is in danger,” Krauss told the newspaper. “The venues, the labels, the festivals… There was a bigger scene a long time ago. When we started with Union Station, there was that scene. Now we see that the thing has been diminishing … another problem must be added: the first generation of creators is gone. They are no longer. That is also bad. The music goes with them.”

Plant added: “I don’t know this circuit like her. I’ve been to a handful of festivals, but if you look at my country, we’re talking about a horror story.”

Krauss also told the newspaper that her and Plant “could do more than one album” because of the amount of songs they both liked.

“We had a lot of options on the table. Those songs with which we had empathy prevailed,” Plant said, “Heart. Each song chosen had to convey passion, emotion, power, a certain drama. We had to stop at some point because we liked so many of them.”

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24 Comments on "Robert Plant: ‘I’m no longer a sailor, now I’m a captain’"

  1. Don’t over-estimate the guy’s words about being a captain, he has been one since the early 80s and is only making fun of the journalists who are obviously not old or musically knowledgable enough tu understand that he was citing Richie Valence’s La Bamba lyrics as an answer to the old question: ” Yo no soy Marinero, soy Capitan, soy Capitan..” 🙂

  2. What has Planty got written on his hand?

  3. The music industry in both countrjes? Probably.

  4. Captain Robert Plant, this is my invitation for you once again. If any time you’ll cross France, I’m living in a small village next to Lyon. It will be a great honor for me to meet you, I’m ready to prepare good food, good vine and enjoy a moment with you. If you could send this message to Robert Plant, thank’s.

  5. I’d think he’d be “Admiral” by now ! But, seriously, Covid changed everything in all industries forever. That’s a long time by our Earth based measures.

  6. As a 58 year old, I never got to see them in their early 1970s glory. I am very glad to see them never reform. What is the point? Money? They are rich. They will never the mighty Led Zeppelin without Bonzo Bonham. Listen to their eternal music and be satisfied. The Zeppelin beast is still alive. The song remains the same?

  7. Michael Oprisiu | 19th January 2022 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    You would think Mr. Plant would have some humility towards the fans, music and his band members. Clearly he only thinks of himself. Without led Zeppelin where would he be?? To bad

  8. Haha! It’s nice to be the captain of one’s own ship… until it sinks, lol.

  9. As both “Sailor” and a “Captain” he has navigated his career on to the rocks over the last few years. Let’s be honest, his last decent album was ‘Mighty Rearranger’ in 2005, since then it’s been a mish-mash of mediocraty and overblown, long winded hippy garbage.

    It’s 2022 Robert, not 1968, throw away the Joss Sticks, the Loons and the Kaftan and start making decent music again.

  10. A volta do Led Zeppelin é uma doce utopia na alma dos fãs.

  11. I am overwhelmed by Plant/Krauss work together. Like Creating a new gender. If you don’t like their work you don’t know music.

  12. Oui capitaine je comprends mais Led Zeppelin pour Être a la tête il faut un Admiral.Je souhaite que Plant aura ambition de devenir Admiral.

  13. I think they should give us a reunion before the end. Even if it was smaller and for 1 year only. Let your fans see you 1 more time.

  14. We seen Mr plant in Warrington back in December. Absolutely fantastic im so pleased that i got to see him live. Your music that your preforming now is great. When the festivals start in England we will be there. Good luck xx

  15. They’ve already given us a reunion Janice. And it was indeed a Celebration Day.

  16. Michael Bagalonis | 20th January 2022 at 5:58 pm | Reply

    Mr. Plant please go in the studio with Page, Jones, Jason, and produce one more Led Zeppelin album !!!! And maybe do 12 concerts !! Been listening to you for 53 years and counting !! ✌️Peace to you ✌️

  17. No Zeppelin have had their day

  18. He sounds like a guy who’s satisfied singing LZ songs at slower beats in the local holiday Inn. He’ll be there all week

  19. Roy JOHN Watson | 21st January 2022 at 2:32 pm | Reply

    anyone waiting for a zep reunion got a sad life its over

  20. ロバートは、ぼけているんじゃないか?

  21. Robert Plant Does respect Zeppelin Fans, that’s why he doesn’t want to be a parody of his former self.. Robert said years ago “Zeppelin was Fuel’d Testosterone and youth” I for one, am happy that the star’s align and the four of them got together to be the embodiment of the saying ” the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”

  22. This amazing ,good man gave up much of his life for his fans. We have no idea of the sacrifices they made when touring, though sickness,etc. And Robert Plant even lost his 5 year old son to the flu while he was here in the States playing for us.How many people sacrifice
    on that level in their job? As a singer and song
    writer, I get where he’s coming from. As a fan since the 70s, I’m happy to watch the 2007 reunion with Bonzo’s son on drums and watch all the music videos and listen to all the amazing music they contributed. He’s just putting his needs above the wants of fans. And that’s as it should be. We just need to be grateful for all they gave.

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