One of the companies behind ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ faces being struck off because of overdue accounts

Becoming Led Zeppelin

One of the companies behind Led Zeppelin’s upcoming documentary film faces being struck off in the UK because its accounts are weeks overdue, filings reviewed by LedZepNews reveal.

The emergence of the overdue accounts comes as there continues to be no sign of the release of the film which premiered at the Venice and Telluride film festivals in September.

Paradise Entertainment Limited is the British business run by one of the film’s producers and writers that was used for archive research for “Becoming Led Zeppelin”.

The company caused a rare video of Jimmy Page performing with The Yardbirds at the Village Theater in New York on August 25, 1967 to be deleted from YouTube in 2020 because of a copyright claim as it was being included in the documentary.

Paradise Entertainment is listed on the online profiles of three people who worked on “Becoming Led Zeppelin” as their employer while they worked to secure film, photographs and music for the documentary.

More than 75% of the shares in Paradise Entertainment are owned by Paradise Pictures, the film business which is producing the documentary. The sole director of Paradise Entertainment is Allison McGourty, a writer and producer of the film.

But a notice dated February 8 warns that Paradise Entertainment risks being struck off and closed down as the company’s accounts for 2020 are weeks overdue. The business should have filed its accounts by December 12.

The strike-off procedure can be ended by the business filing its accounts or providing evidence that they’re on the way.

Failing to file accounts in time doesn’t mean that a company is facing financial difficulties. It was a common problem during the Covid pandemic, for example, as businesses faced disruption.

But if Paradise Entertainment doesn’t file the accounts, the company will be shut down. That could be an embarrassing situation as Led Zeppelin fans continue to publicly complain over a lack of a release date for the film.

A review of Companies House filings for two other businesses run by McGourty show that the businesses have repeatedly filed their accounts late.

Lo-Max Entertainment and Lo-Max Films are film production companies run by McGourty but they are unconnected to “Becoming Led Zeppelin.” Filings show the businesses have been late filing their accounts 11 times in the past. Both companies are also currently overdue in filing their most recent accounts.

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6 Comments on "One of the companies behind ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ faces being struck off because of overdue accounts"

  1. David craig stevens | 2nd February 2022 at 6:49 pm | Reply

    I remember when Danny Joseph in halifax got permission to show the song remains the same in 1980 at a private stipulation no stupid as I was half price joints for a buck a piece and missed half the movie Rollin them fck..

  2. What does “struck off” mean? Their name removed from the credits?

  3. Lif Stand – Sounds like a government thing to me

  4. Sounds a bit “second rate” in terms of production backing, etc. Warner Brothers wasn’t interested I guess.

  5. Does it really matter at this point. What we need is some more live material from all of the tours. Also some live video footage would be nice. The 1977 Pontiac Silverdome footage for starters. “Oh Jimmy”.

  6. Watched this fabulous band back in December in Warrington. Amazing the whole band wow completely blown away. So pleased i got to see the man himself once in my lifetime.

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