Robert Plant announced a UK tour with Saving Grace

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Robert Plant has announced that he will tour the UK with his new band Saving Grace in April and May 2022.

The band will perform around England and Wales in the tour, which is due to kick off in Bexhil on April 8.

Check out all the tour dates below:

  • April 8 – Bexhill, England
  • April 10 – Folkestone, England
  • April 11 – London, England
  • April 14 – Hull, England
  • April 15 – Scunthorpe, England
  • April 16 – York, England
  • April 19 – Bewdley, England
  • April 20 – Rhyl, Wales
  • April 22 – Liverpool, England
  • April 23 – Middlesbrough, England
  • April 26 – Halifax, England
  • April 27 – Stockport, England
  • April 29 – Aberystwyth, Wales
  • May 1 – Cheltenham Jazz Festival, England

Tickets for all shows other than the final two dates will go on sale on February 18 at 9.30am UK time at this link.

Tickets for the April 29 show in Aberystwyth are already on sale. Tickets for the May 1 show in Cheltenham are already on sale for some Cheltenham Jazz Festival members.

Saving Grace will be supported on the tour by opening act Scott Matthews.

The tour will take place before Plant heads on the road with Alison Krauss for a global world tour that starts on June 1.

Saving Grace was formed in 2019 when Plant teamed up with singer Suzi Dian in January of that year. The band had their debut performance on January 25, 2019 in Shropshire.

Since then, Plant has performed a number of shows with the band across the UK. They were forced to cancel a US tour due to the pandemic and scrapped the first half of a planned UK tour last year.

The band has not released any music officially other than two black and white live performance clips it published to YouTube in 2020 on a channel named “nobody knows,” seemingly a quote from the band’s tagline used in its promotional material: “Nobody knows what it’s like.”

Plant hinted at plans to record an album with Saving Grace last year.

While being interviewed on “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2 on November 23, Plant was asked whether he’ll release an album with Saving Grace or potentially a live recording with the band.

“Saving Grace is a bunch of friends back from on the Welsh borders, Worcestershire, and we do shows, very discreet, undercover shows,” Plant said.

“It’s a beautiful sound, a magnificent sound and it’s delicately tiptoeing its way to one day being yet another thing that we mustn’t know or talk about … so yes.”

Earlier in the interview, Plant used similar phrasing to discuss plans for further UK shows with Alison Krauss, saying “all through this morning’s show I’ve heard how many things are secret, how many things can we not tell anybody. So the answer is yes but the detail is at the moment vague.”

Robert Plant has big plans for Saving Grace

LedZepNews revealed last year that a British business owned by Plant secured trademarks for “Saving Grace” across Europe and the US in order to block anyone else from using that band name to release music or merchandise.

Plant has never taken out trademarks for his solo projects before, making this an unusual step that could indicate longterm interest in the Saving Grace project.

On January 23, 2020, lawyers representing a London company named Trolcharm Limited filed applications in Europe and the US to trademark “Saving Grace”.

Plant owns more than 75% of Trolcharm Limited, according to Companies House filings in the UK. His three surviving children are directors of the business along with Plant.

The business owns the copyright to much of Plant’s solo career and is frequently credited in the liner notes of his albums, including “Raise The Roof.”

The trademark applications, which were all eventually approved, include the following fields:

  • Audio and video recordings including digital downloads and CDs
  • Live music footage
  • Posters, stickers and magazines
  • Bags, wallets, umbrellas and luggage
  • Clothing including footwear and headgear

Taking out trademarks for his musical projects is a rarity for Plant. He hasn’t applied to trademark the names of his previous solo bands Strange Sensation, the Band of Joy or the Sensational Space Shifters.

Plant hasn’t trademarked his own name, either, unlike Jimmy Page who does own trademarks to protect his personal brand including his name, his autograph and the word “ZOSO.”

The Saving Grace filings are the only trademark applications ever filed by Trolcharm Limited or any other business used by Plant to run his solo career.

The presence of trademark filings don’t always mean that the trademark holder will actually launch the product or service they have the trademarks for.

It’s possible that Plant sees Saving Grace as his next major solo project, in the same way that he performed with members of Strange Sensation from 2001 to 2019.

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10 Comments on "Robert Plant announced a UK tour with Saving Grace"

  1. アリソンクラウスはどうした?

  2. Roy JOHN Watson | 15th February 2022 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    no wolves or birmingham dates wonder why

  3. Melody Stiltner | 15th February 2022 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    Why can’t the remaining members of Led Zeppelin get together and give us one last world tour before it’s late?
    Never had a chance to see them here in USA.
    Be a dream come true. Sooo many of us love their music and would die for a world tour in USA.

    • No chance. Music has moved on. Robert Plant is still creating fantastic music. He has no reason to go backwards.

      • Melody Stiltner | 17th February 2022 at 3:12 am | Reply

        I know it has and I know he is. Great musician and creator. Don’t think of it going backwards, I think of it bringing forward so we can all see and hear his and other’s creation and talents to the younger generations.
        They are exceptional❤

  4. UK? What about Scotland? And N Ireland? I had tickets for the tour that was cancelled (Aberdeen). Would have been nice to get the opportunity to see the band after all.

  5. Newcastle??

  6. Shame he can’t be arsed to come up to Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc!!!

  7. Saw Saving Grace in Cheltenham just before Christmas – just fantastic.No histrionics,just classy material played by excellent musicians. Suzi Dian is an excellent foil for Robert,at least equal to Alison Krauss.

  8. Great show in Rhyl last night. Last saw Robert on PoM tour in 83. The band interacting brilliantly, show casing all the individual talents equally – looked as if they were having great fun. Some cool looking old geezers in the audience as you would expect!! Thank you for the show.

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