Walmart is selling exclusive vinyl versions of Led Zeppelin albums

Led Zeppelin Walmart exclusive editions

Walmart is selling a newly released line of exclusive Led Zeppelin records that include replica backstage passes.

The American retailer announced three new exclusive Led Zeppelin vinyl releases on February 24. It’s selling new versions of Led Zeppelin’s debut album as well as the band’s fourth album and Presence.

Each exclusive vinyl release contains a replica backstage pass. The 180g vinyl record and album cover are the same as previous releases and contain no bonus songs.

Walmart is also selling a bundle of the three vinyl record releases that includes the replica backstage passes as well as an exclusive 8″ by 8″ foil litho print of the band’s logo.

The Walmart exclusive edition of Led Zeppelin’s debut album comes with a replica backstage pass for the band’s July 21, 1969 show which was part of the Schaefer Music Festival in New York’s Central Park, which can also be seen on Led Zeppelin’s official website.

The Walmart exclusive edition of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album includes a replica backstage pass for the band’s September 16, 1971 show in Honolulu in Hawaii, which can also be seen on Led Zeppelin’s website here.

Finally, the Walmart exclusive Presence release includes a red replica backstage crew pass for Led Zeppelin’s 1977 US tour, which is featured on Led Zeppelin’s website.

All three albums as well as the bundle are currently available to preorder through the Walmart website and are due to arrive around March 29.

Click the links below to see the product listings on the Walmart website:

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5 Comments on "Walmart is selling exclusive vinyl versions of Led Zeppelin albums"

  1. WALMART !!

    LZ vinyl goes big box store. Didn’t see THT coming.


  2. Thats the best yet.i loved for years going to the record store and getting led zeppelin cds for half price.i got 2 song remains the same both remasters from Maine.walmarts led zep vinal will go like hot cakes.they just need a radio shack 100$$$ turntable to play them on .cheap set up mix and match stereo equipment wow my heads still ringing.

  3. Wim van Lonkhuijsen | 27th February 2022 at 9:44 am | Reply

    great stuff, pitty they dont ship to Europe

  4. Anyone have any insight as to how these German 180g pressings sound? No one needs to read comments about how great they were, the stereo equipment Walmart carries, I’ve been a fan for so many years, etc. How does this pressing stack up to the rest? I have a 1977 reissue so I’ll be comparing this one to that.

    • Just started listening to this pressing and it’s a marked improvement over my 1977 SD 19126 copy – bass and drums are present and at a good level, the presentation is more forward the imaging is wider (without that ‘coming from a tin can” sound on the 1977), with no muffled sound. The cymbals are more prominent without sounding distorted, and the background is dead silent. You might have a Monarch or RL copy that’s better than this, but I’ve not heard those so I can’t comment.

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