Robert Plant performed at an open mic night in Scotland

Robert Plant Saving Grace Aberdeen
(Facebook/Under The Hammer)

Robert Plant and his band Saving Grace made a surprise appearance at an open mic night in Aberdeen, Scotland and performed on stage in a pub on November 8.

Following their show in Aberdeen that evening, the second-to-last of their tour of Ireland and Scotland, Saving Grace then visited Under The Hammer, a pub in the city.

The pub was hosting its regular open mic night that evening, and Plant and his band got up on stage to perform “It’s A Beautiful Day Today,” “The Three Bells” and “I Bid You Goodnight”.

“Robert and his new band mates joined us after their ‘Saving Grace’ gig at Tivoli and got involved in on our open mic session, delivering their ‘I bid you goodnight’ song. WHAT A NIGHT,” the pub posted on Facebook along with a photo of the band at the pub.

The band’s tour concludes on November 9 in Perth, Scotland. It began with an October 25 performance in Belfast, Northern Ireland which we covered here.

Robert Plant Saving Grace Belfast 2022 1

Later in the tour, on November 2, the band were joined on stage by Donovan where they played his song “Season Of The Witch” on stage together.

Donovan’s guest turn on stage can be seen in this video from 16:50:

Elsewhere on tour, Plant was photographed buying a harmonica in a Belfast music shop on October 25 then met up with Paul Brady and toured megalithic monuments as well as the grave of WB Yeats and finally was photographed at a pub in Sligo on October 30 with his agent Rod MacSween.

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  1. Hey! Great Stuff Many Thanks!

  2. Michelle Hambrick | 10th November 2022 at 4:12 am | Reply

    Robert Plant is one amazing artist with 100s of songs..God bless him..way to go the Golden God

  3. good stuff

  4. Roy+JOHN+Watson | 13th November 2022 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    robert the demin bronze goldern god of rock

  5. Songster Plant,met 1981 Golden Lion bought him drink,after he bought me . Nice guy.

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