Robert Plant played at a pub in Shropshire with members of Saving Grace

Robert Plant Shropshire pub
(Facebook/'The Bridges' Ratlinghope)

Robert Plant played at a pub in Shropshire, England in late November with members of his band Saving Grace. He joined American musicians Tommy McLain and C. C. Adcock at The Bridges pub in Ratlinghope on November 27.

An undated video posted by the pub to Facebook on November 25 shows Plant on stage with McLain, Adcock and Peter Bullick, the husband and bandmate of John Bonham’s sister Deborah Bonham.

Other videos posted online show Plant again joining McLain and Adcock at the pub with his Saving Grace bandmates Suzi Dian, Oli Jefferson and Matt Worley on the afternoon of November 27. The first video shows them performing “Season Of The Witch” with Adcock throwing in the riff from “Whole Lotta Love” at the end of the song.

Another video posted to Instagram shows the group playing “Before I Grow Too Old”:

Adcock also posted photographs of Plant at the pub on Instagram:

Saving Grace seem to have a habit for playing surprise shows, with the band also performing at an open mic night in a pub in Scotland on November 8.

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  1. It must be quite rare for internet types (who chance upon this wonderful footage) to witness actual pub culture, not to mention… music? This is wonderful.

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