Robert Plant didn’t announce the end of Saving Grace

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In the days following the final performance on November 25 of Robert Plant’s recent UK tour with Saving Grace, a rumour spread online that Plant announced on stage that the band was now over and that show would be their last ever.

Some fans were adamant the group was over, but other fans LedZepNews spoke to said Plant said no such thing and actually meant it was simply the last show of the tour.

Thanks to a newly released audio recording of the entire November 25 performance in Wolverhampton, LedZepNews can conclude that Plant did not declare the end of Saving Grace, simply the end of the tour.

Ending the band without releasing an album would have been an unusual end to the Saving Grace project. The band has been in the recording studio and Plant even took the rare step of trademarking the band name.

Here’s what was actually said on stage:

“We have to also say that this is a little project that was born on the banks of the river of the goddess Sabrina and you think I’m joking,” Plant said. “I have to say that in the last couple of three years, give or take … the dark clouds descended and there was more people backstage than there were at the front and we all got very poorly. Apart from that, we’ve been working in between other projects and really got now so in tune with each other that it’s all over. So this is the very last show that we’re going to be doing between now and Saint Nick. So this is a very emotional moment for us … you can’t applaud the fact that it’s over.”

“It’s really a soulful experience for us, we’ve reached the very end of something that we’ve been really growing and enjoying on and on and on and then we go do other things and then,” Plant said at another point between songs. “So we’d like to come back here again if we could one day. Meanwhile, we’re off, goodbye!”

And before the final song, Plant said: “This is the very last thing we’re going to do until we go to sleep.”

You can listen to the full show here:

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8 Comments on "Robert Plant didn’t announce the end of Saving Grace"

  1. It’s better to have Led Zeppelin and no money, than to have money and no Led Zeppelin.

  2. Michelle Hambrick | 3rd December 2023 at 11:19 pm | Reply

    Looking forward to 2024 , Can’t wait to see Robert Plant again soon 😀

  3. Maureen c mccall | 4th December 2023 at 2:02 am | Reply

    Robert Plant is heading back to the US is he not to tour with Allison Krauss…he is 75

  4. Was in Barcelona for live performance this summer !

  5. Saw the Oxford show in November 2023. Absolutely remarkable show! Robert’s voice has continued to evolve.

  6. Deborah Crosby Haake | 30th December 2023 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    What is the tour schedule for 2024. I have an original Led Zepplin show poster from the Fillmore in SF…would someone in the organization be interested in purchasing the poster?

  7. Can someone identify the maker & model of the bass guitar in the photograph above? It’s shaped like a Hoefner but doesn’t appear to be one, judging from headstock & tone controls.

  8. Saw the brilliant Saving Grace in Bristol this week. Robert Plant and Suzi Dian’s voices blend like heaven.

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