A 51-minute video of Led Zeppelin performing in 1975 was released online

Led Zeppelin Montreal 1975

A 51-minute, previously unseen video of Led Zeppelin performing in Montreal, Canada on February 6, 1975 was posted to YouTube on April 7.

The video is the longest 8mm footage of a Led Zeppelin performance to emerge. The newly emerged footage was shot by Jim Kelly, known as Speedy, a photographer who filmed many bands.

The video was released with the help of Ikhnaton and synchronised to an audio recording of the concert by LedZepFilm.

LedZepFilm published the full unrestored footage on his YouTube channel:

Back in 2022, a clip from a separate previously unseen video of this show surfaced online. That video was reportedly 36 minutes long but the filmer asked for around $10,000 to release it, leaving the below five minute clip the only public sign of it:

Another video of Led Zeppelin filmed by Kelly showing the band performing at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan on April 30, 1977 was posted to YouTube on December 31.

The release of that footage, which included shots of cameramen on stage and glimpses of their footage being shown on the venue’s screens, helped to reignite the long-running discussion about the existence of the pro-shot footage from that night.

Versions of Kelly’s footage have been privately circulating among some Led Zeppelin fans for years. In September 2023, a snippet of other footage from that show was released by the news station FOX 2 Detroit.

The Pontiac Silverdome was a remarkable venue, once considered one of the world’s most innovative sports venues. The venue was demolished in 2017, but you can read about its history in this Guardian article.

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9 Comments on "A 51-minute video of Led Zeppelin performing in 1975 was released online"

  1. I’ve seen lots of these 8mm films of Led Zeppelin now, and a lot of them show a pro camera man on the stage, camera in hand filming the show kneeling/standing just feet away from the band members. Just the same as you see in Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same” movie, released at the movies in 1976. WHERE ARE ALL THESE OTHER MOVIES ? I know they exist because I’ve seen perfect/beautiful snippets of the Seattle show from 1977, in M T V’s 1993 Rockumentary of Led Zeppelin. The 1977 Seattle show is the best there is out there from the 77 era, and it’s been cloned so many times that it’s hard work to watch, or they used the wrong film for indoor dim lighting. I see all these sites, just like this one, showing that the world is littered with Zeppelin fans, IN THE MILLIONS. Does the zeppelin camp not know this! What is the problem with putting all this stuff out. The same with the CD’s. We all know the audio exists, but are forced to purchase them at extortionate prices. Sir James, if you read this…….. I’m 66, and i’m only getting older.

  2. Roy JOHN Watson | 7th April 2024 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    reply to mr dale it wont ever come out plant vetoes it

  3. John. Yeah, I’ve heard that too. It must be because Robert doesn’t like the way his voice sounds. If Jimmy goes before Robert (god forbid) we’re all stuffed, it will never happen. I hear J P J plays a roll in too. He and Robert became very close when Roberts leg was all busted up, during the the recording of PRESENCE.

  4. Brian Downey | 8th April 2024 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    I was at the show in Pittsburgh that year. It was the Physical Graffiti tour. It was great. I’ve told people Bonham did a 30 minute drum solo on Moby Dick. For years people told me they didn’t think he did it that long. I recently found a news clipping and it was over 30 minutes because Robert Plant was having some throat issues and they asked Bonham to play a longer drum solo. We had floor seats and I can still see the show clearly in my mind. It was great.

    • Mega memory to have. We had 4 years of nothing in the UK after Earls Court. You are so lucky in the states. My parents wouldn’t let me go to the earls Court shows because I was only 16½, going alone and would miss the last ferry home, so that meant sleeping rough. I did catch them in 1979

  5. This when Plants voice went the way of Vahalla never to return

  6. Roy JOHN Watson | 9th April 2024 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    plants still got a very active solo career hes playing more live shows than hes ever done and any zep archive release might jeopardize that its been 21 years since how the west was won album came out tells you a lot as for the becoming of led zeppelin film plant wont lose much sleep if that never comes out nor will i for that fact

    • I agree. Becoming L Z is milking it a bit. Robert once described the reforming of L Z as, “going to bed with your ex wife”. It they would never re-capture what Led Zeppelin was. Everyone has changed. Like an old friend you haven’t seen for decades. People move in different directions. What was important as a 20 year old doesn’t hold when you’re 5½ decades older. Speaking from a personal point of view. But I still get chills listening to Zepp

  7. Todo es bla bla bla…. tienen que volver para una gira despedida como corresponde, aunque sean 10 shows y con músicos de apoyo.
    Soy Daniel, de Argentina

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