Exclusive: A previously unseen video of Led Zeppelin performing in Ohio in 1975 has been released

Don Andree Led Zeppelin 1975 film
(Don Andree)

A previously unseen video of Led Zeppelin performing at the Richfield Coliseum in Ohio on January 24, 1975 is publicly available for the first time following work by LedZepNews and LedZepFilm.

10 minutes of 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at the show was filmed by concert attendee Don Andree and the full video, synchronised to a an audience recording of the concert, is now available to watch below:

The video shows Led Zeppelin performing songs including “Rock And Roll”, “The Song Remains The Same”, “The Rain Song”, “No Quarter”, “How Many More Times” and “Stairway To Heaven”. LedZepFilm synchronised the video to an audience recording of the concert.

LedZepNews discovered the uncirculated footage in the archives of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Andree donated a copy of his footage to the archive in 2018 and the archive provided LedZepNews with a digital copy of it for research purposes. However, the archive was unable to allow us to publish the footage publicly as it only owned copies of it – not the copyright.

Once we had a copy of the footage, we began trying to track down Andree to ask him for permission to publish the footage since he retained the copyright for his film. Using public databases in the US, we found Andree’s contact information and he kindly agreed to allow us to release his film publicly for the first time.

Do you have Led Zeppelin material such as video footage, photos or audio that you’d like help releasing publicly? You can contact LedZepNews on ledzepnews@gmail.com.

Andree’s footage of the concert gives a clearer look at proceedings than the existing footage shot by Jerry Karby that was released in January 2021:

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