John Paul Jones played a surprise show with Thurston Moore

John Paul Jones and Thurston Moore performing in London on May 10, 2024

John Paul Jones played a surprise show in London with Thurston Moore on May 10.

Jones joined the Sonic Youth musician on stage at London’s Cafe OTO for an unannounced improvisational show, with Jones performing on bass guitar and grand piano.

Jones and Moore played two sets during the evening.

Attendees at the show posted photos online:

The venue illustrated its sign advertising the performance using Jones’ symbol from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.

The surprise show follows a March 24 show that Jones and Moore played together in Knoxville, Tennessee as part of the Big Ears music festival.

Jones and Moore previously played a fundraising event at The 100 Club in London on March 28, 2019 with drummer Steve Noble.

Jones’ connection to Moore dates back to at least April 2009 when he joined Sonic Youth and Takehisa Kosugi for performances in Spain and New York celebrating the work of choreographer Merce Cunningham.

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  1. I didn’t realize Moore played w John Paul Jones in Knoxville. It would have been cool if they could play Asheville NC honoring Merce Cunningham via The Black Mountain College Museum. Merce & John Cage were an instrumental part of the infamous experimental college. Jones & Moore would be a great performance fitting in w the genre of artists & performances they do. If you see this JPJ please contact them if you guys plan to ever be in the area again!

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