A previously unseen video of Led Zeppelin in Japan in 1971 has emerged online

Led Zeppelin Japan 1971

A previously unseen video of Led Zeppelin performing in Tokyo, Japan on September 23, 1971 has emerged online.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2018 but received little attention until it was found by Led Zeppelin fans in the past week.

Messages sent by the person who took the video indicate that this video is just one of twelve taken of the performance.

“By the way, Led Zeppelin’s film of the Tokyo performance is not available for public use at this time because I hate commercial use by someone else.
It is of course good to have JimmyPage himself see it,” he wrote.

“However, I think that only a part of it can be made public. The 8mm movie film I shot at TOKYO live in 1971 was silent, and it only lasted about 40 minutes. 1 Last year I applied my sound source to this and made a 47 minute video. Over time, I want to make a full version with still images.”

You can watch the video below:

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