Snippets of an unheard 1971 Led Zeppelin show have been emerging online

Three snippets of Led Zeppelin’s August 19, 1971 performance in Vancouver, Canada have emerged online in the past two years.

Two fragments of “Whole Lotta Love” as well as a clip of “Rock And Roll” were published to Led Zeppelin’s official forum by a user who seems to have attended and taped the show.

The most recent snippets, two clips each less than 2 minutes long from “Whole Lotta Love,” were published on June 15 by the Led Zeppelin Official Forum user “spindle”. The second clip features Led Zeppelin performing “Boogie Mama” as part of their “Whole Lotta Love” medley sequence.

“That’s all for now, sorry…” the user wrote in their new forum post.

However, the clips of “Whole Lotta Love” emerged after the same user also published a single clip of the start of “Rock And Roll” from that show on the forum on November 17, 2020.

“I checked the set list for the Aug.19, 1971 show in Vancouver and I’m sure they don’t have it right. My recollection is that they sang ‘Gallows Pole’ and SETLISTFM doesn’t even mention that. Also no mention of ‘Rock & Roll’ but they sang that on the encore,” the user wrote in 2020.

“No recollection of ‘Friends’ or ‘Tangerine’ being played. I missed the first two songs of the set,” they continued, before sharing what they claimed was a more accurate setlist for the show than ones circulating online (notes in square brackets below by LedZepNews):

  • Unknown first song [likely Immigrant Song]
  • Unknown second song [likely Heartbreaker]
  • Stairway To Heaven
  • Going To California
  • That’s The Way
  • Since I’ve Been Loving You
  • Black Dog
  • Dazed And Confused
  • Communication Breakdown
  • What Is And What Should Never Be
  • Celebration Day
  • Gallows Pole
  • Whole Lotta Love (20-minute medley including Boogie Chillen’, That’s Alright, Mess Of Blues, Honey Bee, Sittin’ and Thinkin’)
  • Encore break
  • Unknown song [likely a cover of Weekend by Eddie Cochran]
  • Rock And Roll

“I’ve got some work to do to organize the tapes. They’ve been in storage for almost 50 yrs. I’m slow,” they posted in 2020 before vanishing for months, only returning to the forum once and then reappearing on June 15 to share two more clips of their recording.

The continued emergence of clips of Led Zeppelin’s August 19, 1971 show is occurring as a Japanese bootleg label prepares to release a recording of the band’s May 4, 1971 performance in Odense, Denmark.

LedZepNews reported in May that the bootleg label Tarantura is releasing a recording of the Odense show, which is expected to be a landmark recording thanks to the inclusion of “Four Sticks” and “Gallows Pole”.

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16 Comments on "Snippets of an unheard 1971 Led Zeppelin show have been emerging online"

  1. Kevin J Tabone | 20th June 2022 at 4:43 am | Reply

    Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of four men.It always was ,and will be considered as such forever.

  2. Okay Led Zeppelin I love all1982 Amazing and I’m 55J yeamusic in 1982

  3. I love and appreciate youTube thank you for your patience with me don’t appreciate music since I’m 55 years old now only 🤜🤛🤟👊✊👋

    • SHANE MEARNS | 22nd June 2022 at 3:35 pm | Reply

      Robert plants needs to stop singing led zeppelin songs with people and bands and needs to do reunion with Jimmy page and John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham

  4. Joern Henriksen | 20th June 2022 at 11:36 am | Reply

    Jeg var med fra starten med Yardbirds og frem til nu…. Elsker de fem første albums, men mim samling blev desværre stjålet i forbindelse med en flytning….

  5. Ah, did we forget about that little obscure 4 group – THE BEATLES? Thanks for comin!

  6. Bill Muckinfuch | 20th June 2022 at 7:44 pm | Reply

    The bootleggers are doing the best work!

  7. LZ’s music will live forever

  8. John Williamson | 21st June 2022 at 1:49 pm | Reply

    Zeppelin was , is and will ever be “ THEE BEST “ !!! Long live Led Zeppelin !!!

  9. John Williamson | 21st June 2022 at 1:54 pm | Reply

    Led Zeppelin is at the top of the heap of many , many great bands ! Beatles , Stones and many more , but they just don’t have what Zep had , that sound and style that made them what they were and still are . They will live 4ever !!!!

  10. Bruce Edgerton | 21st June 2022 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    I remember seeing them in Australia in 1971 there only visit I believe Sydney showground out door event great show

  11. I’ve always attained immediate clout with younger music fans when I mention that I saw Zep live at Memorial Coliseum at the University of Alabama in 1973. Great show, of course! Greatest rock band of all times & in the top 5 in any category. Four genius, creative musical giants in perfect symbiosis.

    With the multiple layers of Page tracks, as well as Jones’s occasional keys, missing live, one had to adjust to the sparse sound of only 3 instruments (excluding Plant’s intermittent harp work). Realize too that being at a show was the ONLY sample of live Zep then, as there was basically no media available at that time. So the opener, “Rock & Roll” had to initiate our ears tho the fact that live would be way less of a “full” sound than our albums, DB level notwithstanding! Long Live LZ!

  12. Michelle Lee Pyle | 23rd June 2022 at 8:21 pm | Reply

    Really love this band my whole life. I’ve gotten collector posters. Albums. Just enjoy this band. Especially Jimmy page. Love your work in it all.

  13. Billie Joe pompa | 10th July 2022 at 11:46 am | Reply

    From the good times and the bad times Zeppelin always seem to be pushing on love you forever guys does anybody remember laughter laughter

  14. Billie Joe pompa | 10th July 2022 at 11:49 am | Reply


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