Jimmy Page’s amp company is planning a big merchandising expansion


Jimmy Page’s guitar amp business Sundragon is preparing for a major push into merchandising, filing paperwork that will allow it to sell T-shirts, trousers, shoes, scarves and bandanas around the world.

Sundragon is a guitar amp business co-founded by Page and run by music producer Perry Margouleff and guitar amp expert Mitch Colby.

Back in 2019, Sundragon announced it had produced 50 amps costing $12,500 each that were signed by Page and were designed to recreate the guitar sound from Led Zeppelin’s debut album.

“I had been impressed with the forensic analysis both Mitch and Perry had put into the research of the sonic reproduction of the original Supro amp to arrive at the Sundragon,” Page said in a statement on the Sundragon website.

The photoshoot that accompanied the launch of the amps was the first time that Page’s iconic 1959 Dragon Telecaster was seen in 50 years.

Then, in March 2020, Sundragon launched an unlimited standard edition amp that continues to sell for $3,875 each.

Since then, Sundragon has been pretty quiet. It started selling a black T-shirt with the Sundragon logo and also an amp cover, but that’s been it since 2021.

However, LedZepNews has reviewed recent trademark filings which show that Sundragon appears to be planning a major merchandising expansion.

A European Union trademark filing from Sundragon dated April 27 shows that the company is hoping to trademark the brand name to allow it to sell clothing around the world.

If successful, the trademark application will allow Sundragon to sell its T-shirts worldwide, as well as trousers, shoes, scarves and bandanas.

The decision to file the trademark application indicates that there are still plans to continue the Sundragon brand, even though it hasn’t launched any major products since the standard edition amp launched in 2020.

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  3. The group consists of rock God’s!

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