A virtual Led Zeppelin ‘exhibition’ opens on July 21

The Led Zeppelin Exhibition

A virtual exhibition of Led Zeppelin photographs opens on July 21, but it appears that the band is not involved in the project.

Digital collectables app Quidd announced on July 6 that “The Led Zeppelin Exhibition” is coming to the service on July 21. The promotional video for the exhibition heavily features a Led Zeppelin logo, but LedZepNews has learned that the band isn’t involved in this project and hasn’t signed off on its contents.

Quidd allows people to purchase virtual collectables, essentially digital stickers and trading cards that don’t physically exist. They can be bought and resold for real money, and some of the items in the app can be converted into NFTs.

From July 21, Quidd users will be able to purchase virtual photographs of Led Zeppelin. It appear that Quidd parent company Animoca Brands may have acquired or licensed some original slides of images of the band and could be using them for this virtual exhibition.

The Financial Times reported in February that the archive of London Features International, which owned the image shown above, was acquired by Globe Entertainment & Media. LedZepNews has found that Globe Entertainment & Media previously used parts of its image archive for other digital collectibles on Quidd.

According to Quidd’s Twitter account, the virtual Led Zeppelin exhibition will also include “a chance to win real Led Zeppelin memorabilia”, possibly one of the prints of the slides as seen above.

It remains to be seen whether we’ll see any reaction from Led Zeppelin or its lawyers to this project. The use of the band’s logo could be seen as implying a connection between the band and Quidd.

Furthermore, the YouTube video announcing the virtual exhibition is titled “The Led Zeppelin Experience Teaser on Quidd”. The band owns the trademark for the phrase “The Led Zeppelin Experience” around the world.

Led Zeppelin considered holding its own official exhibition

LedZepNews revealed in 2021 that the band had planned to hold a Led Zeppelin exhibition, even going as far as setting up a company in 2018 as a vehicle for the project.

The business was given the name “Company 2018”. It was created for the purpose of “activities of exhibition and fair organisers,” according to its Companies House code.

That business was set up months after Led Zeppelin hired trademark lawyers in the UK and US to trademark “The Led Zeppelin Experience” around the world. Those trademark filings came after Jason Bonham said in 2018 that Led Zeppelin asked him to change the name of his band from “Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience”.

LedZepNews also revealed in 2017 that Led Zeppelin’s record label Warner Music Group was planning “a series of high-profile events” the following year to mark the band’s fiftieth anniversary, according to an executive at business.

It’s possible that “The Led Zeppelin Experience” would also have involved some type of Led Zeppelin hologram. Page said in 2022 that the band considered a hologram but ultimately couldn’t agree on it. He also said, when asked about the band’s exhibition plans: “There was something at one point. But all the members and people around the band couldn’t agree. I was much happier doing my book and the exhibition with the Met.”

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  1. There will never be another band that is so powerful and versatile as the mighty Led Zeppelin.

  2. Donna Potter | 15th July 2023 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    Awesome… that’s so cool. SWEET!!!

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