Watch Robert Plant return to performing live with Saving Grace

Robert Plant performing with Saving Grace on July 24

Robert Plant has returned to performing live, playing several shows in the north of England with his new band Saving Grace over the past week.

Plant and his band kicked off their new UK tour with a performance in Worthing on July 19, the same day that many coronavirus restrictions were eased in England.

Since then, the band have gone on to play in Bexhill on July 20, Malvern on July 22 and Brierley Hill on July 24.

Watch the band performing “Jesus on the Mainline” from their July 22 show below:

And here’s the band covering Low’s “Everybody’s Song” on July 24:

The band are due to perform in Dudley on July 26 followed by performances in Buxton on July 29, at the Underneath the Stars festival in Barnsley on July 31 and then in Birmingham on August 2.

Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose has published accounts of the July 19 and July 20 shows on its website here. “There were a couple of little fuck-ups but Robert just went ‘OK, let’s try that bit again,’ and everyone laughed including him. The vocals from Robert and Suzi Dian were just amazing and coiled around each other beautifully,” according to Richard Clayton, who described the first show.

Brighton & Hove News has published an account of the July 20 show including photographs and a full setlist. “Welcome to the Black Country,” Plant reportedly told the crowd at the show. “We’re Saving Grace, and we come from the land of the ice and snow.”

Setlists from three recent Saving Grace shows are available to read on See the July 19 setlist here, the July 20 one here and the July 24 setlist here.

Saving Grace’s July 19 performance was the first live show by a member of Led Zeppelin since John Paul Jones appeared at a charity concert in Todos Santos, Mexico on February 8, 2020.

Plant last performed live prior to this tour on December 22, 2019 when he played a show in Birmingham with Saving Grace.

Saving Grace were forced to cancel and reschedule several shows in 2021 because of a delay to lifting restrictions on live performances in England.

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  1. Great. I Robert converted to the Lord Jesus? I’m a Baptist pastor, and would certainly welcome this as a great news.

  2. The term Delta Blues has new relevance with the new COVID variant. See what I did there? Delta variant?
    I just hope the virus situation isn’t the price of mankind overpopulating and overcrowding this little Gem of a space rock. I mean….. we’ve been a bit naughty for a couple hundred years , haven’t we?
    As for crowded events, I’d gladly trade them off for being quietly nestled away on some misty mountain!

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